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Solium Capital: One Solium - Branding + Logo

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Practically our whole team was in on this project. Large projects such as these are no joke, the design rationale can end up feeling empty if left unattended. However, when you bring in more minds, brainstorming and different artistic backgrounds, that problem is averted. With creativity, invention and innovation as the main elements of a company’s mantra, the design of this book focuses on connecting the core values and operating principles that Solium’s foundation is built on.

What do they do? They provide their clients with smarter software, remarkable service and relationships built on trust and reliability. How do they do it? They simplify the complexities of equity administration for their customers – helping them efficiently manage regulatory, compliance and human capital.

They publish this book each year internally, to capture the stories, milestones, pictures and symbols that define the essence of their culture. This book is a celebration of what makes Solium great – stories of how they support each other, the processes they create and follow, and the way they communicate and engage with each other.

Our job was to tell their story. This project is a strong example of what happens when teams and clients collaborate and have a strong vision. The end result is a beautiful piece that they can be proud of. Some of these new elements hit home enough with their team that they have pieces hanging on the walls of their new offices.

The Solium team embodies the inventor mentality, they are constantly solving problems and inventing things that didn’t exist before. They are an incredible combination of art and engineering, a DaVinci feel but for the tech age. Using some of their existing symbols but combining big sky, blue ocean thinking, developing new ways of doing things.

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