Who we are

Switchback Creative - Clouds
Switchback Creative - Clouds
Switchback Creative. We love the Mountains.
Switchback Creative. We love the Mountains.
Switchback Creative - Sun

Designers, developers, strategists, writers and doers.

Having worked with hundreds of clients since 2014, our job is to get you seen and heard. We genuinely love what we do and are masters of connecting the dots between the hero, your organization and the problem you solve for them.

We will ensure that you are doing the right things, spending your money effectively, to stir emotion with your marketing and branding.

What We Believe

Taking brands to the next chapter through brand storytelling is the best way gain life-long fans.

Switchback is for people who
believe in the power of their
company vision so strongly that
they will do anything to share it with
the world and connect with those they
can help. These values guide us…

Be Curious

Be Brave

Be Transparent

We do it all with unyielding
passion and a sense of

The Team

Suzy Rounce

Creative Director + Owner

  • Wife + Adventurer
  • Typography Fan
  • Mountain Biker
  • Wanna-be Chef
  • Bad Singer

I’m a graphic designer by craft and I can’t imagine doing anything else. I’m passionate about many things but these top my list: all things beautiful in design (of course), ingenuity in packaging of any kind, killer food and mountain biking. Each of these fuel my creative and energetic personality and provide an outlet to keep me growing while staying focused.

Trevor Rounce

Full Stack Developer + Owner

  • Husband + Dreamer
  • JavaScript Enthusiast
  • Coffee Lover + Bean Roaster
  • Master Electrician
  • Star Trek Geek

I’ve worn many hats and done many different things in my life, but helping businesses thrive with great web design is where my passion lies. I love to learn and stay up-to-date with the ever changing world of web development. You miss a moment in this field and you miss a lot! There is always a new way of doing things, or a new technique that someone just came up with that can be implemented to create a better brand experience.


Public Relations Officer

  • Bird Watcher
  • Trail runner
  • Squirrel Enthusiast
  • Chief Cuddler
  • Confidant

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Community + Culture

We believe your community, big or small, is the key to making your company a success. The communities we work with have values that run deep – living and working with each other to thrive is the best way to succeed. We have built that philosophy into everything we do. The healthier and happier the places we all live are, the better business is for everyone.