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Sinister Sports - Advertising

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Sinister Sports (formerly Full Moon Adventure Company) began in 1999 with the goal of creating the toughest, most exciting endurance events in Canada. Originally FMAC hosted multi-sport adventure races, like the 36-hour Full Moon in June, but later branched into duathlons, and eventually turned its focus to ultra marathons. The Sinister 7 Ultra began in 2008 with just 160 runners. Now they fill cap at 1,400 racers and the event fills up in seconds.

They have two races that they are currently building: Black Spur Ultra and they recently purchased the Canadian Death Race. This means that the timing to get some outside marketing and design help is perfect. We have helped them create some campaigns that are designed to drive new racers to know these races are out there, sign up and drive tourism and new fans of the sport.

Having ran adventures races ourselves at Switchback and participated in 4 of these Sinister events in the past means we have a unique understanding of those who might be newly interested in this sport. Key target audience development was key for this project and we can’t wait for summer to come around to see how it all turns out.

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