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Mountain Fitness Training - Website

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This company will literally take you to new heights. Personalized training programs for skiers, climbing and mountaineering, suited to your needs, to up your game. Mountain Fitness Training was co-founded by Paula Macdonald and Angela Bargen, certified personal trainers who love putting their own fitness to the test in the mountains.

It’s no secret, our team loves the mountains. If you check out our Instagram you’ll see we’re no stranger to the outdoors and we utilize all of our free time to spend as much of it as we can in the mountains, or finding a new adventure. So, when we get to design a website for some super hardcore women that take it to the extreme, it becomes more of a passion project. Don’t get us wrong, every design element, the energy the coding brings, the carefully thought out copy, the hours of endless project planning are meticulously planned and executed to give our clients a beautiful site.

We’ll leave you with this link so you can see for yourself how a labour of love can easily become a reality. Now, do you hear that, the Mountains are calling, so we must go.

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