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One of the greatest things about working at Switchback is that we get to meet so many wonderful and inspiring people; we get to work with a wide range of local businesses from all walks of life. Every day is unique, every job is a learning experience, and each project leaves us with a chance to create something brilliant for a business owner who is building something from the ground up. From websites to complete brands, as storytellers, we love helping them share their story.

Life of Wellness’ story is all about the balance in wellness: Physical, Mental and Emotional. They were looking for a logo, that was grounded, calm, and earthy. All of these elements needed to come through, and to have significant meaning and depth. After some trial and error (which is common in logo development), she decided on the iceberg concept. Because like the mind, the conscious mind is what we notice above the surface while the unconscious mind, the largest and most powerful part, remains unseen below the surface.

In design, there is so much meaning packed behind the visual you are looking at. It could be the simplest little element that has so much thought and significance, like the Easter eggs you often catch in movies. Take some time and really look at a design and see if you can see what the hidden meanings are. To learn more visit Life of Wellness and discover what is below the surface.

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