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Evolve Surface Strategies - Website

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We knew nothing of the Right-of-Way management industry when we first met with the Evolve team. This is not an industry we thought we would cross paths with but after working on this challenging and fun project, we are sure glad it did. This company knows that it’s all about their people and the skills they offer, while they service six different industries, they know the people that work in them are their key assets.

This site was meant to be a showcase for them, the growth they have had and key facts about all that they offer. An infographic approach with quick facts, bullets on their services and a place to dig deeper into case studies, are all key user experiences in this site. The interactive map, JavaScript animations for the locations, and the fun roll-over effect for the team photos, brought it all to life. It’s always great to see clients run with an idea we suggest and go all the way. Showing more personality in the photos is such a great way to say a lot with no words.

Explore the site and see a different approach to presenting technical information for six different target audiences.

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