Genevieve Flasch Interior Design

Genevieve Flasch knows what works for great spaces. Her company is all about creating well engineered interior design that functions exactly how you need a space to function. She is all about connecting with people, getting to know them intimately. Helping them to take note of their lives in their spaces and what works. She is there to discover what makes them tick. Her approach is about form following function to create functional spaces that really matter to a family and their mindset.

Client’s often don’t even know how to answer how they use the space. They have to go back and make note of their real life needs. Then that is translated to take their pain away, create a process and system that feels natural to the client. Her brand needed to reflect all of those values.¬†Organization, sense of maturity, sophisticated, balanced and calm. Genevieve Flasch Interior Design takes the work seriously, seriously good, well thought-out design. This brand reflects those values and sets the stage for great work to be the showcase and flare of the brand. Form really does follow function.