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Brain Bar Nutrition - Branding + Logo

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With great product inspiration comes wonderful design. Brain Bar Nutrition knows nutrition, wellbeing and how important a logo is to explaining and defining your brand. The creator of Brain Bar is developing clean products that help you to be the best version of yourself possible. To reach a higher potential by fuelling your body with the right things to fire the mind.

When we are told of the ideas for inspiration include surfing, mountains, calm state of mind, fresh, natural, and earthy, our little design heart sings. This logo design in particular, was accurately a derivative illustration of a ‘brain wave’. With it needing to be clean and bold by design it needed to stand out on screen, more importantly it needs to stand out on a shelf of countless nutrition bar choices.

Our process is to distill the information given, research competitors and ideas deeply then maybe even sleep on it and see where our imagination takes us. With the research portion done we will sketch by hand and digitally, covering as many options as possible. We start to build in black and white, gather our thoughts/elements and create our preliminary, polished designs. Then carefully and a masterfully we select which colours will represent your brand and how it could all play out as a whole brand. This is just the beginning for Brain Bar and we can’t wait to see what is next and where it leads.

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