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Becky, founder of Bex Consulting, approached us as she was finalizing her solopreneur business and marketing plan. She’s organized, know what she likes and where she is heading with her virtual Project Management consulting model. She has specific training skills in this area that are unlike any in her field.

She needed help to define her brand both verbally and visually. We created her brand story, personality and logo development. After interviews, research and brainstorming sessions we uncovered her unique selling proposition. Bex Consulting is for small business owners and entrepreneurs who believe in sharing what they are passionate about as a way to live their lives with meaning. As such, they focus on working with business visionaries committed to levelling up their company or project in a well-executed manner that supports their end goals.

Bex Consulting guides business owners who are ready to let their company truly shine by providing the confidence, calm, and clarity needed for in-depth short-term project management, developing detailed, yet simple to execute project plans and strategies.

Bex Unique Selling Proposition: “We are empowering and equipping small business owners and entrepreneurs with planning and execution ease through customized on and offline project and launch management services.”

The brand needs to highlight: grounded solutions support greater growth and the idea that relationships take time, intention and focus.

Visually speaking the idea of a fingerprint, the blueprint along with alignment, organization and a path to follow were all incorporated into the design. Vibrant colours full of life and personality were a must. We needed to show the grounded and creative side of what it takes to bring projects to life for organizations. We hope this project inspires you to think about bringing your project to life as the world regroups and ramps up once again.

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