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Switchback Creative is Four!

July 3, 2018 | Business Journey

By Switchback Creative Team

We are four years old today! It’s hard to believe that we have been around for four years now. Trevor and I have learnt so much in this time, like your health matters above all, dogs are great PR Officers, we have the best clients and city around, and there are always challenges to work through and small victories to celebrate.

Here are a few other lessons we have learnt in the past year…. 

1. Your health is equal to the health of your company.

We thought since living a healthy lifestyle was always part of our lives that it would continue even through starting a business. We were wrong! Apparently changing things so drastically, not eating, working-out right, or getting down time does effect your wellbeing, your mental health and your physical liveliness. We got off track for a while there and didn’t feel ourselves but we have pushed back in 2018 and are on track again. Now we just can’t forget it.

2. You aren’t really running a business until you can get out of the day to day operations. We are just starting to touch on this one so we can’t explain much more there but will let you know how it goes.

3. After your health, your team is everything.

These are the people that will take you places. We have seen that when they are a good fit everything starting coming together and it’s more fun too.

4. Delegation is an art.

Having great help is super important but if you don’t learn how to let go then they don’t have much to do. Take the time to train and hand off properly.

5. Policy is a beautiful thing.

It means that you don’t have to think about every little decision. You can rely on the previously thought out policy to help.

6. Saying you will do something is not the same as doing it.

It’s so easy in business to say you will do something as you really do have the intention to do it, but it’s tough to actually make it happen so… the age old rule is to under promise and over deliver.

7. Setting goals matters.

Think really big when setting your goals and don’t panic if you don’t meet them. At least you started to equip your brain to a bigger scale and idea of getting there. Your mind will expand with your goals even if your business isn’t ready for them yet.

8. Keep your creativity high!

It’s always a challenge thinking of ways to keep your creativity high but without it things seem to drag and droll on. Learning, being curious and always growing make all the difference to the great work you can produce. The nurturing you give your brain outside of client work is critical to how great you are in your job.

This year has been full of a lot of everything. Overall we feel so blessed and lucky to live and work here in Airdrie but we do have stresses thinking we might be missing something or worry about being behind but as along as we stick together as a team all of those things can come be sorted out and we will just take that lesson with us into the next one.

Thanks for believing in us and helping us grow!