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Marketing Metaphors – Holistic vs. Western Medicine

July 3, 2018 | Marketing

By Suzy Rounce

We had some great thoughts today when talking about health and marketing in a philosophical way, Trevor came up with an awesome analogy. The difference between Western/conventional medicine vs. holistic/naturopathic medicine. Both are effective, both are trusted, both have fans but they are very different in philosophical approach.

Naturopathic medicine looks at the root of the problems while conventional medicine is there incase of emergency and looks to fix the problem you are already in the thick of, urgently facing right now!

We feel the same about our approach to marketing. We are the Naturopathic Doctors of marketing. We believe in the holistic approach to things. We want to get to the root of what you are about and build a story for your brand from the ground up. Get to root of the story.

Our philosophy comes down to this…

There are a lot of great people who can do ‘by the numbers’ marketing for you, they can get you numbers, analytics and justify every action in some way.

Numbers certainly have their place in a marketing plan, but we are emotional beings who connect with people and brands on a deeper level looking for belonging and connection. Numbers don’t tell the whole story, they don’t even tell most of the story.

There are marketing agencies who lead with numbers and ROI, and to match them, there are companies who need that approach to best align with their company values.

We don’t lead with numbers, it just doesn’t feel like the right place to start to us.

We lead with the heart, not the head. We want you to tell your story in a way that makes people love you by giving them a window into what makes you tick. We want to present the best version of who you are. The real deal version. You want raving loyal fans, an we do that by storytelling.

Leading with the heart means we seek to hook and engage that emotional connection that we all crave about brands. It’s the investment you feel in someone or something that makes it worthwhile when they offer you something new or different. They feel like they really know what you are about. That they see a little bit of themselves in who you are. That they feel you being part of their identity in some small way.

We believe it is your job to lift them up and to make them feel like the hero of their own life and story. We all want people who are going to be there for us encouraging and lifting us along.

The question we always want people to think of is this – Do you want 1,000 clicks on an ad, or do you want 10 people to fall madly in love with your brand?

This is a long term game. It isn’t the solution if you are looking for a quick fix or a caffeine jolt to make a splash once, then do nothing more. This is the vitamin D boost that you take everyday with your gingko balboa and B12 to keep you alert, alive and strong.

The question we always want people to think of is this – Do you want 1,000 clicks on an ad, or do you want 10 people to fall madly in love with your brand?

Dashboards in apps take care of the numbers reporting, we take care of the story. Anybody can do marketing and pay per click to get you numbers, but not everybody can tell your story and share your perspective in a way that makes them fall in love with you.