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The 4 Critical Things Your Team Members Need From You

April 28, 2018 | Business Journey

By Suzy Rounce

As small to medium sized business owners, our people might be small in numbers, but need to be mighty in spirit. This article from Inc.com gives helpful reminders by way of a framework for leaders, on what your team needs from you.

It isn’t always easy to remember to take the time to slow down to give those around you the attention and tools they need to be effective in what they do, but without them you can’t serve many clients or reach very far. They have to be a priority, then they can put their best face forward for you at all times.

Managing, and still continuing to do the work, push forward through the day to day chaos is one of the most challenging aspects of building our business that we’ve encountered. We have an incredible team, are learning the characteristics that are needed to make our team whole. As it grows and evolves, we want to grow too, and think of better ways to bring out the best in each of us.

Do you have a framework in place to GIVE your team what they need? We’d love to hear your ideas.