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How do you Tackle a Challenge?

August 15, 2017 | Business Journey

By Suzy Rounce

Challenges come up all the time. We each have things that get ‘all up in our grill’ and force us tackle them, one way or another. Either out of sanity sake, or a better choice is out of a need to be better we face these challenges head on. Think of them as ways to better ourselves, our business and our way of doing things.

We are a culture that talks about this all the time. Read this book, take on this new habit, routine, method, eating trend etc. It’s not just focusing on the things that we don’t like but rather focusing on a specific, tangible tasks that we can overcome in order to be better.

It says a lot about us depending on how we tackle a challenge. Are you the type of person that ponders the approach, thinks about it for a long time and then pounces when you have the answer? Or are you the type of person that has a show-down with it face to face in a quick draw to see who can shoot it dead the fastest? Are you the one that experiments and just keeps trying new techniques until something sticks and fits the result you are looking for?

From what we have read and in our humble experience, experimenting is a great way to tackle a challenge. Think of it like a science experiment where you really don’t know the outcome so you test your theories instead. You have a hypothesis and some controlled tests, but you are open to fail, try again, test a new theory and fail some more. FAIL HARDER the next time. This is a saying I had in my office for a long time.


The idea of fail harder is that we should all attempt to try so many ideas and theories, that we are putting ourselves out there so much that we are fiercely dedicated to the idea that failing means we are learning, that failing means we are committed to finding the right answer. That to FAIL HARDER means move past the ho-hum to the incredible.

So next time you are faced with a challenge think… how will I face this and what will come of it in the end?