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Do I need great photography for my website?

August 14, 2017 | Websites

By Suzy Rounce

Short answer is YES, no brainer YES! Your website is the face of your company so why would you show anything less than fabulous imagery to the world to represent what your face, (therefore your company) looks like? Do you want people to think of you as blurry, dingy and slapped together? Or to think of you as polished, clean and one of a kind. A picture does tell a 1,000 words, everything great in our world is visual. Amazing photography on your website will take it from standard and possibly forgettable, to memorable and insightful. It will  give it the WOW factor you are looking for. If you are in the camp of saying that any old photo will do, ‘I’m not a photographer so why do my photos have to be great?’, then you are thinking about it all wrong. How else will people learn about you?

In the websites we create, the photography is a huge part of the storytelling.

In the websites we create, the photography is a huge part of the storytelling. It shares a perspective that the content doesn’t or can’t. It shows the personality of the business owner, their vision and where they want to be, not just where they are now. It can give people an instant idea of what you are about, how you work, and most importantly, the experience of working with you and your team.

It can show your team in the best light possible (or scary bad lighting if you aren’t careful). It will demonstrate what you care about and prove that your people care enough to put their face and name to your company and that they are proud to do so.

If the photos on your website are lack lustre and you want to change that, you are in luck, as it is usually a pretty simple fix. A bit of time and money investment and you can turn it around!


Tips for great photography on your website:

Hire a professional. Period. DIY is not the best option in this case. You are not a pro.

Hire a professional who has a photo-style the suits your business. Using friends is great but if they are new born baby photographers and your business is high tech, the two don’t really match. Make sure the style and personality match that of your company, or you are deliberately doing something creative on purpose.

Tell a story. How do you want people to know your business? What makes you different? How can you tell that story in photos?

Show interesting details. Even if you are a B to B (business to business) company and even if you don’t have physical products to sell you can have interesting ways that you show your personality through photos. Through people, spaces, and objects are all a few options of where to start.

Don’t be so cheap. Photography is incredibly affordable and varies in price a lot but when you think of all the applications custom photos for your site can have, a small investment in this area should be a no brainer. We understand as business owners you are looking for way to cut and save your hard earned money. This isn’t an area you should scrimp on. Marketing and branding never is. It’s an INVESTMENT into the money you will make later, not a ‘frivolous luxury’ to save on.

There are so many great photographers out there. Google it and ask around for recommendations. Follow your gut and see what photos draw you in and invest in photos for your website now and in the future.

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