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5 Tips for Summer Marketing Carpe Diem

June 12, 2017 | Marketing

By Suzy Rounce

Summer is pretty much here, all of our routines change and our direction on everything takes on a different pace. However, change of pace is good. It allows us to breathe some new life into our work that through the colder months can feel lifeless and like it needs a little burst of sunshine. Not in the summer when the sun is blazing. As I write this I am sitting on our patio with my feet up and a small bead of sweat on my brow. All welcomed after a very cold winter that reminded us indeed we are Canadian and very lucky to be here.

Carpe Diem of Marketing

Here are 5 ideas for your summer marketing initiatives that might excite you:

Have a Friday night Bocce and Beer night:

Invite clients and friends to your office or place for a casual get together with a game and cold drinks. It doesn’t have to take much planning just let people know you want to thank them and help them to take a break this summer with a little fun.

Sign up for a parade or community outdoor event:

Contact your neighbourhood and see how you and your team can help. Community clean up, food truck frenzy, parade or anything like that. Find a simple and creative way to get your name out there! With so much going on summer is the perfect opportunity to just roll up your sleeves and show up. Great for team building too if you keep it fun and meaningful.

Create a lead generating PDF:

This is such a great way to target warm leads and even cold ones. Create a checklist, a fillable form or a step by step guide for something that people often ask you about. Give away your intel and help make their life easier with some sort of worksheet. The payment… their email address! Once you give them the download make sure you have a planned follow up or two to go out within a week after the download. You want them to feel the experience of how helpful you are and then follow it up with additional info and a call to action on something that you do. This just continues to demonstrate your value.

Tell a story instead of giving a sales pitch:

It’s easy for us all to think that people really want to know the features and benefits of our products but during the summer try one initiative where you just tell a story. Only tell a story and end with one clear call to action. Ask one of your favourite customers to tell their story of their experience with your product. Tell the story through their eyes and make sure you set up the situation, chronicle the conflict, offer a resolution to the story. Think of it as an experiment and see how people react.

“The purpose of life is to live it, to taste experience to the utmost, to reach out eagerly and without fear for newer and richer experience.” ― E. Roosevelt

Start planning for the fall:  

The fall is coming quickly and it is the fall ‘new year’s’ where we all have a chance to reset and start the season right. So don’t leave it to September first before you start thinking about it. Start planning now! Get out your marketing plan (or create one) and remember it is a living document, it isn’t meant to be set in stone but if you don’t budget or start to plan your marketing goals for the year how do you expect to accomplish them?

If you have more questions or want help with your marketing over the summer shoot us a note and we will be happy to chat.