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Two Great Companies Team up to Offer Clients More Rounded Services!

November 30, 2017 | Business Journey

By Switchback Creative Team

Airdrie, Alberta ­– December 1, 2017

Announcing a partnership of services and products between Switchback Creative and The I.T. Company. The two companies have established a working relationship to help serve clients in complimenting areas outside of their expertise.

Collaboration is defined as “the action of working with someone to produce or create something.” The part that should be added in this case especially, is to ‘create something great.’ Starting December 1, The I.T. Company and Switchback Creative are proud to announce to existing and new clients that they can easily access full I.T. support with regards to servers, email, equipment maintenance and plans. And from Switchback Creative access agency services such as website, social media and marketing. This built partnership will make it simple and easy.

“One of the challenges we face in our business is finding partners who adhere to our high standards of quality and integrity. We are often asked ‘can you create our website’ or ‘can you help us with social media?” says Kelly Paisley co-owner of The I.T. Company. “We wanted to partner with a media agency so that we could offer our clients professional web development and creative services for a reasonable fee. Partnering with Switchback Creative was an easy choice. The time and attention that Switchback spends creating the right solutions for their clients, from the sales process to delivery, is unmatched.”

Both companies have shared values, vision for the future and a strong sense of community service that has lead to success in their own rights; The I.T. Company was among the 50 Fastest Growing Companies of 2017 by Alberta Venture Magazine and Switchback Creative recently was awarded the 2017 Winning Edge Business Award in Airdrie.

“Working with great people is important to us. Since we are always trying to craft stories for people we try to find the best fit partners for our clients that we can trust, and that we know has the best interest at heart.” says Suzy Rounce, co-founder of Switchback Creative. “The I.T. Company specializes in planning ahead for technological needs for medium to large companies and can help with a large variety of needs. They value quality and always advise best practice instead of short term solutions that might not be the best thing in the long run.”

Both businesses hope that this cross promotion of services is great for everyone all around; helping to make business life easier and more seamless for the loyal clientele that both companies serve.

Learn more about Switchback Creative and The I.T. Company or contact hello@switchbackcreative.ca or sales@theitco.ca

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