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Spark Some Ingenuity into Your Referral Program

November 3, 2016 | Marketing

By Afton Aikens

Show some love to your marketing and cultivate better customer relationships with these referral program ideas.

Set the Stage

One thing marketers and business owners alike have learned from today’s social media-driven world is that it’s more important than ever to authentically engage with your audience—to converse with them, not talk at them.

There are many benefits to this proactive, relationship-driven marketing strategy. Setting the stage for a successful referral program is just one of them, but it’s an important first step. As this article says, people recommend products or services they like and trust. Show your customers their feedback is important to you, and empower them to become ambassadors for your brand.

Get Inspired

Seasonal promotions are common, but as this article suggests, get creative and tie a referral to a company milestone. This approach will not only make you stand out, but will help tell your company’s story, which is at the heart of your marketing.

Other ideas we liked from the above article included referrals for a good cause, programs that offer a benefit to both referrer and referee (e.g. a fitness class they can attend together), and quirky incentives like handwritten notes. Whatever you implement, keep it true to your business’ personality and goals—that’s the best way to ensure it’ll resonate with your target audience.

Get the Word Out

At Switchback Creative, we like to think of your website as a 24/7 employee. Your website—like your other employees—should promote your referral program. As this article explains, your referral program details need to be easy to find and clearly communicated. If you have a newsletter subscriber base, include information about your referral program in your newsletters. Oh, and shake up your incentives every once and a while to keep people interested.

See more referral program examples from innovators such as Google, and this list of 47 referral program ideas from powerhouses like Amazon.