Switchback Creative

Finding Your Authentic Voice on Social Media

November 26, 2016 | Marketing

By Afton Aikens

You just received a brilliant social media plan from your marketing partner. Now what?

All you have to do is post. It may seem daunting, but it is that simple! Dive in and I bet you’ll have some fun.

Set Yourself Up For Success

At Switchback Creative, we always provide our social media clients with an editorial calendar. Tools like this put you in a great position to stay organized, if you can commit to the schedule. If you know social media isn’t your thing, we recommend reaching out to a staff member who would be eager to take ownership of this aspect of your business.

It’s true that social media can become a time-suck. That’s another reason we like to follow a calendar that allots a chunk of time every Monday to schedule your posts for the week and respond to anyone who may have engaged with you (yes, even the negative comments).

There are several scheduling tools out there. HootSuite, Buffer and Edgar are a few that we like. If you’re a small business with only a few social networks, you can probably use a free version of one of these tools.

By having a dedicated individual on your team to look after social media, and a dedicated time set aside for it, you will be that much closer to success.

Have Some Fun

Don’t be afraid to get creative and implement your own ideas, too. Always keep your target audience in mind and think about your business and marketing goals. The occasional video of a cute baby animal probably won’t get you in too much trouble, either.

Share ideas. Take risks (maybe not big ones, though!). Just don’t drop off the radar.