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3 Ways to Share your Company’s Passion

January 19, 2016 | Business Journey

By Suzy Rounce

Here are three things that you can do TODAY to share your company’s personality and passion with customers.

If you haven’t heard, your CUSTOMERS’ EXPERIENCE with your brand is key to your business’s success. Top marketing strategists are predicting that this year 85% of the top brands will be measuring and competing, above all else, on customer experience.

I know that sounds like something that is totally intangible, but really it isn’t. It is measurable and it is vital that your customer goes away with both a pleasant and memorable experience. Simply being competitive on price and features is no longer enough. The cost to produce a quality product is high and the options available to consumers are wide. Attracting and building customer loyalty will be determined by the interaction and the resulting impression you have left with them. Think beyond just good customer service. People want to be a part of what your company stands for. They want to support and back causes they believe in. They want to interact with personalities and a company they can identify with. They will respect and will become a loyal follower of a company committed to doing things to make the world a better place, either for them or others.

Here are three things you can do today to start competing on customer experience, while showcasing your passion:

  1. Tell people three reasons why you started your company: post them to social media, make a sign/poster in your office, or include them in a newsletter. Let your customers and staff know why you started your company. Was it because you saw a need to make something better? Because a loved one inspired or impacted you in some specific way? Go deep and be genuine. What really motivated you to put all the work into starting up your own business venture? Get in touch with your original passion and be brave enough to share it.
  2. Tell a detailed, heartfelt story of how your business has really touched someone else. This isn’t bragging, it’s sharing a testimonial from someone that had a great experience with you. When you tell this story, be honest and really get in touch with the emotions of the people involved. Include all the important details and more importantly the motivation and how the story ended. It should feel a bit cheesy or like you are exposing something slightly raw and tender to the world. (Think of the touching true stories in Chicken Soup for the Soul).
  3. Consider implementing one thing that you can repeat over and over again that will bring joy and delight to your customers. It’s always better if it’s related to what you do as a business, but it has to have the joy factor. Something that goes really above and beyond the normal service offerings of your business. Something personal that takes a little effort and a lot of mindfulness to execute each time. (The added bonus would be if it also brings your staff joy in seeing the happiness in others). Here are a few examples of really simple ideas: have you gone to a restaurant where you can put your bags and purse on the hooks under the table? Here is something thoughtful and considerate that this business has done that has created a good customer experience. Have you gone for groceries, and the store gives you a handy wipe to get the germs off your hands (and to wipe that cart)? Have you been somewhere where you don’t have to pay for a reusable bag?

Building your business by freely and genuinely exhibiting the passion you already have is a great way to make a difference to all that you meet. Sharing stories, experiences and delighting them will start a revolving door of new and loyal customers that just feel good when they are in the presence of your brand.