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A Night of Variety: the Comeback Kid

October 24, 2014 | Community

By Suzy Rounce

Set against the jaw dropping backdrop of the Jamison Place Winter Gardens, A Night of Variety was everything it promised and more. The Variety Alberta fundraiser was full of magicians, jugglers, a living statue, great wine and food, and a packed silent auction table. The new, vibrant Variety board has taken on the challenge of rebuilding this great non-profit entity after some rough years of late. This event is a great start to that endeavour.

About 200 people filled the winter garden space after work Thursday night and there were smiles everywhere. We said hello to lots of old friends from days past, met some new faces and had a great time with all as we huddled around the silent auction table. Unlike many silent auctions, this one was full of great items to bid on from golf trips at Lynx Ridge to dinner out at Craft Beer Market to fitness classes at Union Fitness. Our group of rowdy friends had our eye on a wine tasting by Vine Arts for 12 people—now that is A Night of Variety of a different kind.

Overall the atmosphere and organization of this event was top notch. It felt true to the spirit of the organization and was a great time for everyone in attendance. Just the right amount of promotion, thanks, spirit and fun. Switchback is very proud to have helped sponsor such a great event. This ‘comeback kid’ will continue to help many children in the community that very much need their help. Thank goodness for the young, talented professionals on the board who put in the time, energy and heart to giving back to those that need it most. We sure hope there is a second annual Night of Variety in 2015.

About Variety Alberta
Variety Alberta (Variety Club) was founded by the late Ed Whalen and his wife Nomi in 1982, and for years was a well-established pillar in the non-profit community of Alberta. Providing support for families of children with developmental disabilities, Variety has raised millions of dollars throughout the province over the years. The board has been tirelessly been rebuilding the organization, as the past several years have been challenging for Variety. Under the direction of a new, young and ambitious board, on October 23, we are holding our inaugural “Night of Variety” fundraiser.

Photo courtesy Variety Alberta