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How to create memorable website experiences

March 1, 2023 | Websites

By Switchback Creative Team

Imagine someone landing on your website and after less than a minute they are smiling or breathing a sigh of relief because they feel like they found what they were looking for? We have all had that experience before. You are researching something that you really need a solution to – you ask around, type in some URLs and keywords into Google then start clicking on the links. A couple show you the information you were looking for, but are underwhelming in that they don’t feel professional enough, they feel old, or look the same as everyone else. But then… you click on one website and BAM! It’s everything you could hope for.  It clearly speaks to you directly and the problem you are facing, and gives you clear direction on what’s next.

Here are four things to consider for making your website experience the most memorable it can be:

Great call to action

Create raving fans! Don’t settle for just delivering information – make it an experience. Give them opportunities to engage with you. Make your call to actions another chance for them to rave about you. Invite them to an event, send them free helpful information, give them a sample or trial period.

Visually interesting design

How can you make your website content more visual? Think of a different way to present the information that makes it a quick read or more memorable. It could be an infographic, stats displayed with icons, proper brand photos that show your space or process instead of telling them about it.

Make content ‘skimmable’

We don’t read information the same on the internet as we do in books and articles. We expect it to be digestible, catchy and problem solving. Wordy phrases, long, lyrical statements are NOT appropriate for a website. Headlines, subheads, pull quotes and simple body copy are what you are looking for.

Impactful brand photography

It might only take a few hours to capture with a great brand photographer like Kate Daniel, but the way your business can be captured and presented to those who have never met you is invaluable to a great web experience. Instantly visitors to your website can see your space, your energy, your process, your products in a very real and professional way. Stock photos are great and so easily accessible that they have raised the bar on all other photos. Everyone’s quality is great, but the subject matter with your company in it, is what matters the most. For something that doesn’t cost very much time or money, it has huge gains for creating a great website experience.

If you are looking for a hand with some of these elements that help to create memorable website experiences we can help. We have dedicated ourselves to creating custom websites, through design and complete development that fit your company perfectly. We help make your site visual, actionable, skimmable and look great through the whole process. Check out some of our past projects and let’s start a project.