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Marketing Demystified

September 29, 2016 | Marketing

By Afton Aikens

How a marketing partner can save you time & money

You can stop trying to be ‘the handyman’.

Everyone’s business involves trying to explain to potential customers why they shouldn’t attempt to ‘DIY’ something that you have built an entire business around.

In almost every industry, people try to save money by being ‘the handyman’ and attempting do the work themselves in an area that isn’t their specialty (often only to hire an expert later). YouTube and Google have empowered almost everyone to embark on this DIY journey of discovery. While it can certainly be a good thing, it also has some major flaws. Primarily, the fact that your specialty is whatever business you’re in—probably not marketing it.

What if you flipped your thinking? What would your life look like if you hired people great at what they do to do this work for you? How would it benefit your business if you spent your time honing your craft, and hired others to do what they do best?

You can build a team that cares about their work (your business) as much as you do.

Hiring a marketing partner who is as invested in delivering a quality product/service as you are means they know their reputation as a business or freelancer depends on their work. So, they would be compelled to do a great job, every time—and that means they’d make your business shine, too.

 You will save time—just think about what your time is worth.

When you stop trying to be the handyman and focus on your core business, you’ll not only save time (and time is money), but your bottom line will almost certainly benefit as well. You can spend more time focusing on customers, employees, R&D and sales when someone else is taking care of your marketing.

You will save money.

Hiring an external marketing partner whose specialty is to objectively assess your business from a marketing and communications standpoint is often a fraction of the cost of a full time staff member’s salary.

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