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Fall in Love with Your Work

September 28, 2016 | Business Journey

By Suzy Rounce

I stumbled on this great blog early this morning and am loving it.

Jerry Seinfeld’s 12 unconventional rules for doing the best work of your life

As we were prepping for another talk on SEO, this time in Canmore at the Centre for Business Excellence, this seems like great advice. Everyone’s craft takes practice, vision and focus but I especially liked this point:

“Bust your ass, pay attention, and fall in love. Only good can come from working as hard as you can. People don’t absorb enough of the world around them, despite the fact that you can learn everything from what’s around you. We don’t stop to say how great something is. Stop and take that moment because it’s not always great. Fall in love when it is.”

Your business can be something to fall in love with. Over and over again. We feel it every day; we need to pay attention, take note and bust our butts. Falling in love with good work, good ideas and great moments is something worthy of remembering above all. Some days it might feel impossible to do. But it should be the driving force of what hits home for you. Hand crafting soap for families, training someone who’s life can be improved by fitness, completing taxes for a small business or making someone’s teeth the most beautiful version possible—those are beautiful examples of work worth falling for. Each action changes someone’s life and makes a difference.

Take 30 seconds today to fall for your work all over again and feel the magic of why you started this journey in the first place.