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Looptail – Purpose in Business and Life

September 12, 2019 | Community

By Suzy Rounce

We just released the first episode, with our partners at Airdrie Angel, for a podcast named the Real Purpose Podcast. It was inspired from the fact that businesses that learn to tie purpose and profit together can help more people thereby making more money regardless of the business or industry. It is a really simple concept; Looptail the business you have with a higher purpose. Don’t think of it as an aside to what you produce or serve, but as a core thing you are creating.

Use your purpose to drive profit and profit to drive purpose, creating an endless loop for ever and ever. Trevor and I have always felt like this about business and our community but it wasn’t until we read Looptail – Why community, culture and karma matter in business by Bruce Poon Tip that we could put a name to it. Bruce goes through the evolution of G Adventures and their journey to harnessing this mission in the fundamental way they operate and run the company.

Amanda Lang, author of The Power of Why says it best when she says “ LOOPTAIL is for anyone who believes that business not only can but must be centred on a culture of meaning. All of the holy grails are here–branding, employee engagement, leadership­–but the most important message of Looptail is surely that happiness and fulfillment can also be the path to success.”

This concept underpins why telling stories is so key in our eyes with your digital presence and branding. There has to be a point to your story… why should I listen? How is this going to add to my life? How does this product or service help define or highlight my own values? If it doesn’t do any of those things then it might not be a for me.

This concept has lead a lot of our direction in how we work and what we spend our time on. We know that what is the most successful usually is because it connects with people in more than just a useful sort of way. We all work harder for the things that we believe in. We created our TrailBlazer Fund for exactly this reason.

Non-profits are doing huge things to move the needle in areas that communities and individuals need help or awareness with. We can use our skills as visual communicators to share that message with as many people as possible. Our job is to share stories, and the TrailBlazer is a way that every year we can pick one organization, make it our personal mission to pro-bono share and tell that story in the best way possible. This means they can do what they do best and we can help with our skill set.

We have ideas for how we want to make the program bigger and better. Every organization that helps make a community better means more people and businesses thrive and the better the place all around.

Our challenge to you is to think of what your looptail effect can be and how can you bring passion, purpose and profit to your business and community. How can you tie something bigger to your business operations and ensure that it thrives regardless of the bottom line? Life is about a lot more than just profits. How come we don’t spend just as much time thinking about the passion and purpose side of life?

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