Trailblazer Fund for Non-Profits

Switchback Creative started the Trailblazer Fund to give a hand up to an organization with a new business or idea. After 4 years of experience we realized that we want to make a bigger impact with those who have a more developed organization, that is already making the world a better place.

We are looking for organizations that are doing really great work but have marketing, design and/or branding challenges. Therefore, in 2018 we launched the TRAILBLAZER PROGRAM FOR REGISTERED NON-PROFITS AND SOCIETIES.

Are you making the world a better place, do you have a big vision for your organization but you need some creative expertise to help you solve challenges you have? Apply below. (Please remember to include Your Registered Charity Number to confirm being a Registered Charity of Non-Profit organization.)

We are looking for collaborative relationships that are a great win-win for both parties. Great work, great people.


How it Works

What we provide:

Free access to our marketing expertise, collaborating with recipients to bring them quality branding, design and web development services that will take your organization to the next level. We also want to help you with marketing strategy and thinking to start the planning process. We will work with you to present your brand in the best light possible and provide strategic marketing assistance. We will help you blaze a trail to greater heights based on a foundation that has already been set, or a vision taking shape in your organization.

We are hoping for a long term relationship that starts with this Trailblazer Fund and grows into lifelong friendship between our companies.


The 2 options for package services are:

  • Branding Development package: Creation of a new logo, branding elements go with the logo, all logo files in a variety of formats, style guide, brand guidelines book, sample ad template, social media graphics, business card design, social graphics, email signature, letterhead and postcard for general information, 2 custom template pieces to suit your needs. As well a our marketing compass workshop to help your organization clarify the client avatar, key messaging and marketing direction.
  • Website Development package: new website development and training on website, one on one session for our compass workshop with you and your team.

Organizations have the opportunity to gain insight into the operations of a full marketing and web agency, collaborate on creative briefs, brainstorming and approvals, at many stages along the way. We want to help educate and support your team, in understanding the behind the scenes on how it all works.

Who is eligible:

Official registered societies and non-profit organizations that are looking for a friendly team of experts to help solve problems and take your brand to the next level.


Application process:

We want you to be so passionate about your organization that you would go out of your comfort zone to make it a reality. How can you demonstrate that to us? Video, pitch, product demo, etc. Wow us with how keen you are.

Please include the following in your application:

  • 300-word brief on your situation and/or a 1-minute video pitch for your organization
  • Links to your website/social media profiles, if you have them currently
  • Tell us about your hopes for the future and why you need our help
  • Please include Your Registered Charity Number. This is required.

Please email all of this in PDF format or a link to You Tube to We can’t wait to hear from you!


  • Sept. 15 – Nov. 15: Applications are open to all, closes at noon Nov. 15.
  • Nov. 15 – Dec. 14: Narrow down to maximum 3 finalists ­– conduct interviews with the Switchback Team according to scoring sheet and criteria
  • Dec. 15: Winner is chosen and announced
  • Jan. 15: Kickoff meeting with successful organization

Scoring criteria for the finalists and interviews is based on:

  1. Quality and effort of the pitch
  2. Demonstration of how your organization helps to make the world a better place
  3. How much impact could the TrailBlazer program can have on the organization?
  4. Demonstration of the Organization’s need of the services we offer
  5. Explanation of the organization goals for the next 1-5 years

Our Marketing Compass Workshop will provide you with the knowledge and tools to make your marketing successful with hands-on work shopping with your whole team and organization. Timing for project execution can be discussed at the time of the interviews.

More extensive collaboration is available if the organization is interested, but may have a cost associated. You will be informed of any charges upfront, this may be the case for ongoing support and back up for websites once completed. Please note, you are responsible for all third party costs i.e. purchasing website URLs and hosting; printing costs, etc. but this will be discussed before hand.

Past winners of the Trailblazer program:

  • The Woods Adventure Co. 2016
  • Sour Dog Theatre 2017
  • Airdrie Children’s Festival 2018

Note: Switchback Creative will be using the work created to promote the program and for marketing purposes for Switchback Creative, but the product will be yours to use as you see fit in that state and configuration.

Please send any questions about this TrailBlazer program to and be sure to have your applications in by Nov. 15 or sooner.

Best of luck to all the applicants, we can’t wait to hear your story!

Full Package: Valued at $10,000