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Engaging with your Community: Marketing 101

October 30, 2017 | Marketing

By Suzy Rounce

Municipal elections just finished, small business week just passed and the holiday season is on the way, there has been lots of talk about community, to get involved or not, and how to have these discussions in a meaningful and respectful way.


What makes a person engaged in their city? Everyone has the things that matter to them, the things that get them all riled up and hot under the collar when they talk about why they want them. Everyone has an idea, but stats show that few people actually get involved. Few people are actually interested in stepping into the ring and voicing their thoughts and taking a chance at what they really think and believe. Why is that?

Our cities and communities are what make our businesses thrive, they are why we love living somewhere, what makes our family feel like they belong. So logically, it would make sense that being engaged would be beneficial to us all but that is not true. People are criticized and often attacked for voicing their thoughts, they are harassed through social media by faceless people that force their side on someone else. That isn’t the way to make progress in any situation.

Here are some great tips on how to engage with your community. This is related to marketing because it is how you connect with people. The last key takeaway is the best….“See your community members as people first, members second. Help them realize their own goals within the community.”