Deep dive into the Switchbck web development process.

Here at Switchback Creative, it's no secret, we love building websites. We thought it would be awesome to share what it's like to do a typical web project with us. These are roughly the steps that we take to bring your website dream to life.

Step 1: Meet & Creative Brief

To kick off the Switchback web development process we will meet, usually over a coffee to see if we are a good fit. We will try to get a better understanding of what you are looking for in a website. We ask questions to flush out your wants and needs for this site. Our creative brief process has been developed specifically for this meeting. It usually takes about an hour, then we will have a good idea of your goals.

Switchback web development process, step 1, meet and creative brief.

Step 2: Quote & Contract

We will take the information gathered in our meeting and prepare a full quote for this project. Why do we need to meet before we can provide a quote? We do custom websites, so everything is built for you! We need to know exactly what you want. It’s just like building a house. To price the cost of a house, the builder has to know what you want—size, number of rooms, double attached garage, backyard…pool?! Just like a custom built house, we need to know what you want in your website.

Switchback web development process, step 2, quote and contract.

Step 3: Site Map + wireframe

Once the quote is complete and the contract is signed, we start to get our hands dirty! We take all the information from our creative brief and build a sitemap. This is kind of like the blueprint of the website. It will show you the pages and sub-pages, links and structure. It won’t show you any style, look or feel of the site, just how the site will be built and what high level content you want on the pages. The sitemap will be sent to you for approval before we move on.

After the sitemap is approved by you, we are on to the wireframe. This is where you will start to see how content will be laid out on your website. It is usually done in grey and black with placeholders for content. This is just to give you an idea of how we will structure the content and its. The wireframe will be sent to you for approval before we move on.

Switchback web development process, step 3, site map and wireframe.

Step 4: Design

Okay! Now that the sitemap and wireframe are approved we get to start the fun stuff! We will design your home page first. This will be done and ready for your approval on a flat PDF. You will see the actual website—colours, images, content, buttons, everything. You can give us your input and really take part in the whole design process. Once you are happy and love your home page design, we will take that and design the rest of the website. Again you will have a chance to review. Once you are absolutely happy with your website design, we begin development.

Switchback web development process, step 4, design.

Step 5: Development

Now we take your website design and bring it to life. We will custom build your site using WordPress as the content management system. You’ll not only have a custom front end of your website, but the back end is built just for you with instructions and easy-to-use editors. This is so you can update your site and keep the content fresh. The biggest compliment we get is how easy and user-friendly the back end of our websites is. There’s no need to learn code or anything like that. If you can create and send an email, you can update your website.

Post Development Meeting: Once your website is almost ready to go live, we will meet and go through the whole site with you. Here you will see your actual site. We will walk you through each page, making sure we nailed it! Here you have the option to make minor design changes. After, we will put your website up on a temporary URL for one week so you can have a look on your own, let your friends and family see it and gather feedback. Then we take your minor changes, if any, implement those changes then get ready to launch!

Switchback web development process, step 5, development.

Step 6: Launch & Train

Once your website is complete and everyone is happy, we will test, optimize and set up all search engine optimization (SEO), lock down the security and finally make the site visible for the world to see.

After you have had your website for a couple of weeks we will book a two-hour training session. What good is a website if you don’t know how to use it, right? We also give you a manual so you can keep and refer back to.

Switchback web development process, step 6, launch and training.

Step 7: Ongoing Support

Once your training is complete, we also offer ongoing support. We love your website; we love everything we build. With our ongoing support we will look after all the maintenance of your website so it will always look and perform awesome!

Switchback web development process, step 7, ongoing support.