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Christina Vaillancourt, Registered Psychologist - Branding and Website Development

Logo Design, Brand Identity, Brand Development & Guidelines, Website Design/Development

A professional psychologist who specializes working with family and kids needs to come across in a way that evokes experience, knowledge and openness – inviting patients in. Christina Vaillancourt’s branding logo development and custom website project is full of positive and soothing yellows and blues. Highlighting services and areas of speciality while giving patients resources is what the key focus was. 

Yellow is uplifting, positive and bright, while the blues are calm, soothing and professional. The combination of the two demonstrates a helpful, professional experience that will get you to where you want to be. Our purpose is to craft the user experience in a way that drives people to the information they need in a stress-free manner. 

One of our favourite custom touches for service-based businesses is a HOW IT WORKS section highlighting the 1-2-3 steps of what people need to do to work with you. It seems obvious to you, but designing a custom website gives you the option to tailor and directly explain to your customer how they will work with you. 

Technical Specifications for a great custom website

Every website we build requires an easy to use, highly customized website experience. We achieve this with a headless website, using GastbyJS front-end, and a customized WordPress back-end Content Management System (CMS). Integrated with their new website is an easy to update backend that uses the familiarity and power of WordPress CMS with the modern ‘headless’ front-end that is incredibly fast, modern and without the worry of a website breaking or not being able to keep up with your growth. 

User friendly in every way each component has instructions and easy to add and edit your site without any help or code needed. In addition to all of that we have built in image optimization to keep the speed and user experience top of mind. We have addressed this with Gatsby as it’s built in with every website we build. 

We hope this custom, service-based website development project is approachable and friendly to all those who visit it. 

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