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Should you build your website from a template or from scratch?

March 25, 2015 | Websites

By Suzy Rounce

Sometimes people ask us why we don’t just use a WordPress theme template to build all of our clients’ websites. The short answer is because you are unique and your company isn’t like every other company out there.

You have your areas of distinction and focus that set you apart from all the rest. Your website should be a reflection of that. We want to understand what you are all about, how you want to tell your story and build the content and design around that point of view.

Using a standard, pre-packaged template someone else built limits you and means you need to follow their train of thinking, their type of organization of information, their kind of style. It is force fitting a square peg into a round hole.

Obviously using someone else’s work is a cheaper way to go, but it is not a quality way to go.

At first glance the appearance of the website will be similar to one designed with a theme template but the back end of the site works radically different, with a flexibility and improved functionality that a template just won’t give you.

We design a custom theme for you and we also consider what your user needs are. Who do you want to update your site? How much do they know about WordPress? How much do you know? What custom options do you want and just as importantly, what are all of the things you don’t want to see because it will just get in the way?

We investigate all of these areas ensuring that there is an appropriate mix between dynamic and static content on your site. Your website works how its supposed to consistently, even after new content has been updated by a number of people.

They say the world is your oyster and we work personally with each client to ensure that your pearl, your company’s website, reflects your individuality and has its own unique luster. You can never go wrong buying a string of pearls. They will always be recognized as quality with a versatility that stands the test of time. A mass produced string of beads just isn’t in the same league.