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YouTube Channels We Love

March 10, 2015 | Culture

By Suzy Rounce

Since we love doing sections like this for our clients we thought it was time we did one of our own…


If you are looking for some great YouTube channel watching we have a couple of recommendations:

  • Vsauce: Michael Stevens has created a following of epic proportions answering questions you’ve always wondered but never had an answer to. He explains things in a way that you don’t know you are even learning while it is happening. You start in one place and end up somewhere else entirely at the end. We love his channel for its quality of content and consistency in feel. It proves that YouTube is good for a lot more than dumb cat videos (no offence to cats).
  • Smarter Everyday: Smarter Every Day is a new YouTube favourite that explores the world through science. He comes across as a happy, easy going dad that is curious and a bit mischievous. Worth checking out for sure. Smarter Every Day: Explore the world through science is a winner!
  • Minute Physics: Got a minute? Don’t understand science? Minute physics will help. I am always impressed when people can simplify a complicated problem down to its simplest form to get an idea across, in 60 seconds to boot.

It’s easy to waste time online so you may as well be learning some really cool stuff in the process. Share and spread the word on all the great content out there.