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Thoughts from a CAMPer

September 27, 2015 | Culture

By Switchback Creative Team

Sept 21-22 CAMP: Creative Technology Art and Design Conference, YYC

We spent two days among design creatives in a conference at the Theatre Grand last week. While right now we find it tough to open up two full days from our schedules, to hear from some of the best designers, filmmakers, illustrators and creative firms in the industry the experience was invaluable.

It allowed us to sit back and really open our minds to how we were conducting business and how others did the same.

It allowed us to sit back and really open our minds to how we were conducting business and how others did the same. To look at our biz as a product, not just in the running of the company. It also gave us, as owners and key stakeholders, the time to just be owners and talk about what our direction at Switchback Creative really was.

While these are our thoughts, specific to us, they are certainly universal in their appeal. Here are some thoughts that came from CAMP:

  1. We have a unique perspective of not feeling the need to follow the rules of how to run a design agency. We don’t know what the rules are so breaking them is easy.
  2. Our instincts have never lead us astray; always trust them.
  3. Authorship is key! People want to share and show work they have created. As much as people love the companies they work for, they want a small piece of the company and to have credit for the work they create.
  4. Think about the size of our organization. What is ‘just the right size’ to maintain the values and connection with our clients but also to have a team dynamic that creates great work?
  5. Collaboration matters a lot, it has a formula to follow in order to work properly.
  6. Start side projects. Your mind, passion and creativity are best served when they are always being exercised. Side projects related to what we do but are outside of our comfort zone will take us new places.
  7. If you feel the need to ‘give back’ when you are rich and famous it probably means you took too much along the way. We firmly believe in this.
  8. Before you take on work ask these three questions: would it make my momma proud, is it a creative opportunity, is it a financial opportunity?
  9. To never stray from our process. It was created to gather insight and establish vision. Things go very wrong when you forget that.
  10. Like attracts like. Put out there the passion you have in your field and your tribe will find you!

Attending CAMP meant taking time to deliberately consider what we are creating and how doing great work for great people can be fulfilling on so many levels.