Social Media Trends for 2019

January 17, 2019

Digital strategies

Those at Hootsuite shared five social media trends for businesses to put into practice in 2019 to better connect with their audiences. We see a shift from public to private spaces and a focus on authenticity and transparency.

Those 5 trends are:

  1. Rebuilding Trust
  2. Storifying Social
  3. Closing the Ad Gap
  4. Cracking the Commerce Code
  5. Messaging Eats the World

We have mentioned how important social media can be for modern businesses and using the platform for good can advantage your business significantly. When you consider who is using social media and when, you can potentially target more people with your content.

“Cracking the commerce code” is applicable and relevant to e-commerce businesses and speaks to the new role of mobile video in shopping where consumers can “try on” products, share tutorials and photos, live-stream product demos, and help consumers make informed choices when researching and purchasing. The other four trends are applicable to any business on social media.

The first trend explains rebuilding trust. It seems outlandish that we even have to emphasize trust, however, data privacy is important to consumers, and therefore to us too. We want to create tighter circles of trust with our followers and keep transparency and authenticity at the forefront. Engagement has evolved, and it can be easier to facilitate dialogue with your followers when they have a safe place (such as a Facebook group) to communicate with you and other consumers. Holding live monthly question and answer sessions can make your brand and business more personal, human, and approachable. This is where ephemeral content outranks new feeds… in what is called storifying social. Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat Stories demonstrate a shift in use of social media platforms and captures moments in the present rather than the past. Stories are a low-fi, live action, second nature way of sharing moments with your audience that takes less editing.

We encourage you to create story-specific content and use stories to highlight key features of your business, such as promotions, events, and behind the scenes content.

The trick is to make your content different from advertisements and your competitors. With so many sponsored posts and ads on social media, it can be challenging for the user to determine what is authentic. You want to close the ad gap. Invest in creativity and personalized experiences to rise above the noise and stand out from others. Target and understand the right audience and take note of your highest performing organic content. Repurpose that content for your brands ads and they will resonate more with your audience.

The shift to private spaces includes tighter circles of trust and taking advantage of messaging on platforms. This allows you to have one on one conversations and experiences with your followers. If you are receiving a lot of messages, invest valuable time in responding to them and you will improve overall customer/client satisfaction. This means enabling Facebook Messenger for your business page and setting up auto-replies and taking the time to meaningfully respond to users.

Social media is the place to be when thinking about where your audience spends their time. Create content that is valuable to consumers, not just noise. Differentiate from your competitors and try something new, such as Facebook Live and Stories. Integrate social media within your teams and build relationships within your business. Integrate social media with your other business goals and increase the value of social. And of course, create a strategy that makes sense for your company and brand. In 2019, implement these strategies into your business to strengthen the relationship you have with your audience and put yourself in their shoes to understand what they value, expect, and look for from your business.

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