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Five Simple Marketing Wins to Start Today

December 1, 2020 | Marketing

By Suzy Rounce

In a group call I was in last week someone asked what types of marketing they were doing right now that were working for them. The typical answers came about posting to social media or emailing past clients who had recently worked or purchased from them to see if they needed anything more. It reminded me that there are some relatively quick, easy wins that you could start working on this week that are more creative and effective than the same old thoughts we all tend to drift towards when thinking about upping our marketing game. Here are five to get you started:

Sample Platter:

Can you give people a ‘sample’ or ‘taste’ of what you do? Do you have a way they can experience your services or products within whatever parameters are around you. There is always a way to give people a taste of what you do. The best way for people to see if they want to work or buy from you it to give them a taster.

Easy Usually Wins:

Make it easy for your customers, especially these days, whatever the first step is that they need to take to work with you tell them exactly what they need to do. Effective Calls to Action are super important, keep it simple too. ‘Book now’, ‘start a project’, ‘get info on’, ‘sign up here’, steps 1-2-3 are all ways to tell people exactly what you need them to do next.


Pass on company perks to invested community members. Are there ways you can pass on value added benefits to people who love what you do or have had a great experience already? ‘Value add’ benefits are really important right now. It makes us feel special and thought of. If feels like a Random Act of Kindness to them but also holds the benefit of them thinking about how they can reciprocate that favour back to you. Make a list and connect with five invested community members today. Just do it.

Free Resource:

Create a download or a Free Resource for people. Can you create a 2-4 page resource that has helpful, easy wins for your customer in their life or business? You know stuff that they need to know. Share the love, give away your knowledge and set yourself as the expert in this field.

Google My Business:

Set up your ‘Google My Business’ properly. It’s amazing how many people are missing out on this great free tool for their business to be found in search results. Just google ‘Google my business’ and start walking through the process. It’s important to be set-up properly and fill the content completely. It might seem frustrating at first but just go through it step by step. It is worth the time in the end.

Our communities all need us right now, more than usual even, so if you have ways to be generous in what you do and help lift other people we suggest spending the time and effort to make that happen. It’s a great way to make yourself and your business useful while staying top of mind and active in your community and city.

If you try any of these let us know how they work out for you. What was the most effective and why. Share your thoughts and comments.