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What if all of your employees quit tomorrow?

May 27, 2016 | Business Journey

By Switchback Creative Team

As new business owners ourselves, we now understand the many articles written and arguments about finding the right people to do the best job possible for your business. Finding those people is a feat in itself. (We are currently adding to our team, so we see this firsthand). Once you do find them, you move to the next challenge which is motivating them and hoping they don’t leave you. But what if they did all quit tomorrow?

Do you have a brand that people understand what you are about, who you are best suited for, and a look and feel that is easily recognized?

We know this is a hypothetical situation, but can’t help but think how deflating it would feel and how hard it would be to not take it personally. But from a strategic perspective, there are some things on the brand equity and marketing side that you could attend to now that would make the situation less disastrous and stressful.

Brand Development. A brand that is fully developed enough, that you can take the people out of the mix and it can still stand on its own. Do you have a brand that people understand what you are about, who you are best suited for, and a look and feel that is easily recognized? If you do, that would ensure that regardless of who comes and goes your brand is constant and unshakeable.

Documentation. This could be anything from your process being documented, to procedures and templates. But from our perspective, having a marketing plan firmly in place and one that you are executing from each month, means that if everyone left that plan is still in place. You just need to reassign the tasks and teach someone new their role. We see all the time what a relief it is for business owners who have a plan that they have agreed to and can see month to month on paper.

Awesome Website. If you have a website that has been well designed, is current, integrated into your business and optimized to make your life easier, it will essentially act like an employee that is working for you 24/7. If you have put the time and money into your website, it will always be there for you. It’s something you can refer clients to and use to keep your clients updated on the latest news. If leveraged properly, your website can speak to dozens (or hundreds) of people each day and keep making connections. We wrote more about this here.

The idea of everyone quitting may be horrifying in many respects. But if you think about the above three things now and put some actions into place, you will be better prepared for whatever comes your way. Your company will be more versatile and pliable with new challenges that arise, making you stronger and better as a business.