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Branding Matters, Like it or Not

November 22, 2015 | Branding

By Suzy Rounce

Why should you have a nicely designed logo, business card and website? At the most basic level it’s because people are attracted to pretty things. “Pretty” is defined very differently for different people but it’s all pretty to them. Pleasing to the eye, nose, mouth and touch. That’s why a section of people love tattoos and think they are a piece of art on your body and a different section of people find them harsh and ugly.

Personal taste aside, there are certain things that everyone expects and looks for in a brand. People look for personality, like it or hate it they want a brand to say something about those that follow them. Be the ultimate in class and style like Tiffany or Channel. Be a rock star like Ed Hardy or tough like Harley Davison. But be something! These are fashion brand examples but apply the same thinking to your business.

How can you be consistent with your brand and constantly show personality and share your story? How can you develop your brand through the look and feel so that people could pick it out of a line up of competitors? How can you tell your story so well that anyone can share how you started and what your core purpose is?

Spending a bit of time uncovering these answers will be well worth your time because branding matters, like it or not.