Who we are matters, because you need to know you are working with people who value the same things as you do. We feel the same way about those we partner with. We have a team with more than 30 years of professional experience.

Suzy Rounce

Creative Director + Owner

Core value closest to heart...


I’m a graphic designer by craft and I can’t imagine doing anything else. I’m passionate about many things but these top my list: all things beautiful in design (of course), ingenuity in packaging of any kind, killer food and mountain biking. Each of these fuel my creative and energetic personality and provide an outlet to keep me growing while staying focused.

Being a visual communicator allows me to research and get to know companies intimately from both a strategic and creative perspective. My 15 years of experience working with small businesses, home developers, executives, and local arts and culture organizations has taught me a lot about what matters to business owners and how to create the biggest impact based on their goals.

Great companies are built with a sense of adventure coupled with passion, transparency, curiosity and a healthy dash of bravery. If you feel like I’m speaking your language and you have a project in mind, let’s chat.

    I am a...

  • Wife
  • Adventurer
  • Designer
  • Typograghy Fan
  • Mountain Biker
  • Wanna-be Chef
  • Food Critic
  • Craft Beer Lover
  • Competitor
  • Laughter Expert
  • Terrible Singer

Trevor Rounce

Web Developer + Owner

Core value closest to heart...


I've worn many hats and done many different things in my life, but helping businesses thrive with great web design is where my passion lies. I love to learn and stay up-to-date with the ever changing world of web development. You miss a moment in this field and you miss a lot! There is always a new way of doing things, or a new technique that someone just came up with that can be implemented to create a better brand experience.

From my early years of playing competitive hockey, to leading teams of up to 70 people on huge projects, I know what it takes to be a team player and have the experience to get the job done with all the moving parts that are part of the web process. Mix that with the fact that I absolutely love what I do and you've got someone who will always go the extra mile to make your website soar and to make sure that website fits your company's needs.

In my opinion, the best websites are built from the ground up. They are built around your company's story, strategy and your vision for your brand. We don't believe in trying to make your company fit into a template. That's why each and every website we build at Switchback is designed from the ground up. It is built just for you, to make it the best experience possible, one of a kind. If you feel like I’m speaking your language and you have a project in mind, let’s chat. I love fresh coffee and craft beer equally. So, you name the place and I'm there.

    I am a...

  • Husband
  • Dreamer
  • Hard Worker
  • Craft Beer Lover
  • Mountain Biker
  • P90Xer
  • Lover of CSS
  • Star Trek Geek
  • Wanna-be Master Chef
  • Master Electrician
  • Young at Heart

Our Team is Like Family


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Afton Aikens

Project Manager Maven

I’m a communicator with a love for storytelling and a curiosity about the world that stems from my background in journalism.

I thrive on collaboration (with a healthy dose of organization), and have had the pleasure to work with exceptional teams from the Maritimes to the Rocky Mountains in the media, education, arts and tourism sectors.

My drive to learn and grow led me across Canada, and it’s what inspires my passion for building relationships and brands. Great businesses all have stories that deserve to be told with thoughtful creativity and a solid strategy geared to engage their audience. Combine those elements with stellar project management and you have a campaign or product that will build brand enthusiasts. Sound intriguing? I’d love for you to get in touch.

Core value closest to heart... Adventure


Sarah Ewashen

Awesome Graphic Designer

HELLO! I am a Graphic Designer who loves morning coffee, travel adventures, and has a soft spot for mark-making in fine art and design.

Being a designer is not just a job, it is a lifestyle. What drives me the most is digging into the qualities, beliefs, and expressions that make a person or business tick. Branding and re-branding companies fulfills this drive. To me a brand is a living entity, with stories, emotions and everyday experiences. I put great value on effectively communicating authentic core values and messages through graphic elements because I believe it is the key to why some businesses thrive and stand out amongst the rest.

I am always striving to reach my highest potential and set the same high quality standards for each project. I believe being a part of a valuable team and offering creative solutions to real world design and advertising problems is of great value - to everyone’s success. Through the power of collaboration, peoples’ “visions” become achievable, tangible and a place where they can stand proud and grow stronger.

Core value closest to heart... Adventure


Betty-Ann Newman

Editor Extraordinaire

I love reading ... uplifting novels, suspense or political thrillers, biographies, children's stories, cereal boxes... really ANY and ALL printed material. I guess I chose to go into Journalism so I could work with words and tell stories. (I have to admit to also loving the investigating and research that was a prerequisite.) I started more than 30 years ago in business publication and have since written and edited various newsletters, marketing materials, entertainment guides and industry specific reports. But to me, my work has always had a common thread and a common goal ... clearly communicating information or feelings to others. The power of the written word still blows my mind and excites me. I love helping people tell their stories and better communicate simply with a few considered edits. If a shorter sentence, proper grammar and punctuation makes your message clearer, we all win. So, figuratively, I like to think I wield my red pen like a sword to make reading more exciting and informative.

Core value closest to heart... Curiosity



Core Values




Switchback Creative Cog Block

Switchback Creative Core Values


Exuberance in all things - no mass produced solutions or half-hearted creative. We exist ONLY because you have a story to tell + we are your messenger. It’s that simple.


We are positive + hopeful in all partnerships, using curiosity as a learning tool for discovery. This curiosity builds a sense of community, always focusing on the potential within.


We have a big sense of adventure + love spreading the contagious energy that comes with it, but our adventure is always rooted in our relentless responsibility to our clients.


To the core we are open + direct, putting the characteristics that got us to where we are today to use. Transparency is being loyal to the small ‘stuff’.


We never shy away from taking calculated risks in order to do great work. We don't hesitate to roll up our sleeves, get a little dirty or take the long way around to present the most authentic story of your company.

Switchback Creative started this fund to give a hand up to young entrepreneurs that have a great thing going on. We give them free access to our areas of expertise, exposing them to our quality design, branding company that can help them take their business to the next level. They may need a logo, brand development or maybe a killer website. We work with them as top professionals and present their brand in the best light possible. We help them blaze a trail to success.

In the Community

small communities are our home

We believe your community, big or small, is key to what makes your company a success. The communities we work in have values that run deep about living and working with each other to thrive. We have built that philosophy into everything we do. Here are just a few things we as a company are involved with. (To see up-to-the-minute information, follow our social feeds).

Giving Back

  • Airdrie Angel, Full Partner
  • Canmore Folk Music Festival, Major Sponsor
  • Creative Airdrie, Board Member
  • Airdrie Business Awards, Marketing Chair
  • SMARTstart, Sponsor
  • Miss School Miss Out, Sponsor
  • Mayor’s Night of the Arts, Media Sponsor
  • Light Up the Night, Marketing Sponsor
  • Angel Lift Day, Organizer and Volunteer
  • Kids' Breakfast Program, Volunteer
  • Artember, Marketing Partner and Volunteer
  • Sour Dog Theatre, Website Sponsor through our Trailblazer Fund
  • Woods Adventure Co., E-Commerce Website Sponsor through our Trailblazer Fund
  • TEDxCanmore, Board Member and Sponsor
  • Building Futures, Marketing and Design Workshop
  • 100 Kids who Care, Contributor

Speaking + Education

  • Speaker at Gypsiella, Women’s Entrepreneurial Organization
  • Speaker at Airdrie Chamber of Commerce, Chestermere Chamber of Commerce, Cochrane Chamber of Commerce
  • Speaker at Canmore Business & Tourism Workshop
  • Speaker at e=mc2 The Centre for Business Excellence, Canmore
  • Speaker at The Measurable Difference Event, Calgary


  • Anvil Award for Non-Profit Ad Campaign
  • Finalist for Branded Magazine, Mover and Shaker Awards
  • Winner of 4 Top Annual Report Design Awards
  • Finalist for Emerging Business, Airdrie Business Awards
  • Nominee for Amazing Airdrie Women Awards
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