Trailblazer Fund for Non-Profits

Switchback Creative started the Trailblazer Fund to give a hand up to young entrepreneurs under 23 years old with a new business or idea. After working with the first two years of recipients we were proud and happy to see how we could help a young entrepreneur make a start with a dream. However, also we realized that we want to make a bigger impact with organizations and teams that were doing great things in the non-profit world. There are so many organizations trying to make something from very little. Taking the areas that they see need in the world and volunteering their sweat equity, to make it happen.

We are looking for organizations that are doing really good work and yet still have marketing, design and branding challenges. Are you making the world a better place, do you have a big vision for your organization but you need some creative expertise to help you solve challenges you have? Apply below. We are looking for collaborative relationships that are a great win win for both parties. Great work, great people.

How it Works

What we provide:

Free access to our marketing expertise, exposing recipients to our quality branding, design and web development services that will take their organization to the next level. We work with them to present their brand in the best light possible and provide strategic marketing assistance. We will help them blaze a trail to greater heights based on a foundation that has already been set or a vision taking shape.

We are tripling our Trailblazing contribution to these organizations and are hoping for a long term relationship that starts with this Trailblazer Fund and grows into lifelong collaborations.


  • Sample A: new website design/development and training on website, logo development branding, key message creation to be used for advertising and messaging, avatar/persona development, social media graphics for 3 platforms.
  • Sample B: Marketing Foundation Plan, +10 months of ongoing marketing support, smaller scale, starter pack of social media content development and management for 2 platforms for 10 months.

Either package is valued at $10,000+

Recipients also have the opportunity to gain insight into the operations of a full marketing and web agency, collaboration on creative briefs, brainstorming and approvals is important to have from your organization. We want to help education and support team to understand the behind the scenes a bit on how it all works.

Who is eligible:

Official registered societies and non-profit organizations that are looking for a friendly team of experts to help solve problems and take your brand to the next level.


Application process:

We want you to be so passionate about your organization that you would go out of your comfort zone to make it a reality. How can you demonstrate that to us? Video, pitch, product demo, etc. Wow us with how keen you are.

Please include the following in your application:

  • 300-word description OR 1-minute video pitch for your business idea/business. (Please note this program is not to create a business or financial plan; we expect you’ll have those details figured out).
  • 300 words OR 1-minute video on your understanding of the importance of marketing, why you feel you are a fit for the Trailblazer Program and how it would benefit your business.
  • Your up-to-date resume with contact information. Show us your personality and be professional.
  • Links to your website/social media profiles if you have them.

Please email all of this in PDF format to We can’t wait to hear from you!


New timelines to come for 2019 Trailblazer Fund.

Please note, you are responsible for all third party costs i.e. purchasing website URLs and hosting; printing costs, etc.

Full Package: Valued at $10,000