Steps To A Well Crafted Logo

The process that leads to a well crafted logo has many steps. Here is some insight on how we work when developing a logo for our partners. It involves understanding what you have on your mind so that we can bring it to life for you; above all else that is our goal.

The logo sets the stage for the brand development work and market positioning that is to come. The look, feel, personality, sophistication and distinctiveness all comes from this one item. A logo design is not just the design of the logo.

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Below is a detailed step-by-step outline of our logo development process:

Step 1: Define the vision and why

Kicking off the logo development in the right way requires asking the right questions. We will walk through them all with you and keep digging until we have enough of an understanding of what you are looking for in a logo, the new face of your company. Curiosity and experience in asking the right questions are our key assets here.

Switchback Creative's logo process. This is step one, Define the vision and why.

Step 2: Research

After the kick-off meeting we will begin our research process into the industry you are in, including top of the line competitors/examples. Then we will research the style and direction you want to go. We will start to gather materials for the moodboard at this point.

Switchback Creative's logo process. This is step two, Research.

Step 3: Inspiration and Moodboarding

We seek inspiration from many avenues while we are crafting a logo. We have an extensive library of books, magazines and references to draw from, as well as—of course—utilizing the internet for all the amazing things it is good for when it comes to finding inspiration. The possibilities are endless and gathering examples, content, colours and textures for this stage is critical. A moodboard—different than a mood ring from your teens—is a collection of the aforementioned all in one place so you can see how everything starts to fit together visually.

Switchback Creative's logo process. This is step three, Inspiration and Moodboarding.

Step 4: Sketching and doodles

Our designs always start on paper and are done by hand. This ensures we are capturing the essence of the idea and not getting too fixated on any one point at this stage. It’s easy for people to skip this step and go straight to the computer, but often this means the logo is robotic and devoid of personality. Never underestimate the power of a sketch by hand.

Switchback Creative's logo process. This is step four, Sketching and doodles.

Step 5: Digital Drafting

After some sketches and percolating,ideas start to form and we move to the computer. We use Adobe Illustrator and Adobe Photoshop for this stage. We don’t add colour to the logo until it works in solid black first. That is usually how you will see the first draft of the logo. Our design team goes through dozens of explorations to narrow it down to the top three options. From there one is chosen to work with further. We will show you colour ideas in the moodboard but not the logo drafts themselves. Black first, then grey scale, then colour. Your logo needs to work in all formats and situations.

Switchback Creative's logo process. This is step five, Digital Drafting.

Step 6: Client Feedback

We will present the rationale of the logo work along with the stylesheet mockups and moodboard. It always helps to hear the thinking behind the scenes that went into the logo development. We work closely with our partners so that your logo feels as though it was collaboratively developed. Gathering specific and detailed feedback at this stage is important.

Switchback Creative's logo process. This is step six, Client Feedback.

Step 7: Flush Out Full Branding

After the feedback stage, we will refine the logo into the whole brand system and style guidelines sheet. Pantone colours are chosen, and files cleaned and organized. You give your final blessings and we prep all the files for print and storage.

Switchback Creative's logo process. This is step seven, Flush Out Full Branding.

Step 8: Final Preparations

You will receive your logo in many formats, including clean vector file ready for all printing/digital purposes, print ready files in the following formats: JPG, PDF, EPS, PNG, and a brand guidelines sheet—a one - to two- page document that shows the logo, all the variations, colours, graphics and ways the logo can and cannot be used. This is a critical step in developing a strong and consistent brand for your company.

Switchback Creative's logo process. This is step eight, Final Preparations.

By the end you will have a logo that you love and are excited to share with the world. This is the start or restart of something amazing. Your brand isn’t just the logo— it is everything you put behind it in every experience, interaction and marketing activity that you do.

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