The Alberta Dames

The Alberta Dames Modern Vintage Market has taken the province by storm and these two talented women, their vendors and their unique products including furniture, home décor, jewellery and more are in high demand.

The Dames (Annie and Jenny) joined forces from their own creative ventures and needed a new website to share their story—and their work—with the world. The website also needed to be a place where people could feel connected to The Alberta Dames community, or tribe. That’s where Switchback Creative came in.

“We needed to capture all of the energy and personality of these two firecracker women in one place,” says Switchback’s owner/creative director Suzy Rounce.

The Dames and Switchback agreed that the website needed to look and feel whimsical and playful with a handmade quality and a focus on the images. The Alberta Dames have a visual audience who would appreciate a website that engaged this sense and was easy to navigate. It needed to feel vintage but still be modern and easy to use.

We wanted the website to be a bit quirky but be easy to use for anyone looking for something related to the either of these awesome women and their businesses, Suzy adds.

The quality of the Modern Vintage Market speaks for itself. The community The Alberta Dames are building is just as impressive, and that story can now be told online more effectively than ever. The passion behind their work is evident.

“We have loved working with these two ladies. Their energy and enthusiasm is contagious and it will be very exciting to see what they do next,” Suzy says.

Sign up for one of their amazing workshops or wait and see when and where their next market will be. Worth a road trip and bring a truck!

Visit their website here.

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