The Square: Airdrie Reimagined

The Square is an Airdrie Main Street Square proposal for a reimagined downtown. This was a special project that was needed to inform the public and tell the story of the proposal being put forward on the new downtown development project for the next 10 years. There was a lot of information to share with everyone and it needed to get out there in a more succinct way than a PDF report.

Studies have been conducted and conceptual designs drafted. It was time to put it all out there for Airdronians to judge for themselves. The Square is now looking for feedback and insight on the proposed plan, so the information is on the forefront of their website. Investment, timeline and ways for the information to be expandable were all considerations in the design. We considered how we could add and subtract from the design so it fit with the needs of the project.

We knew the project itself would be controversial and polarizing for people, depending on whether they wanted it to happen and how much they value the attention and expense on this aspect of our city. Our sole job was to share the information provided and present it in the most transparent way possible for everyone, while telling a story of what Airdrie Main Street Square is trying to create. Our job, as always (and especially in this case), is to make it all easy to access, understand and in the end allow the audience to make a decision for themselves based on their vision for the city.

We asked ourselves a lot throughout this project… HOW DO YOU REIMAGINE AIRDRIE? What is this city’s next step in development and growth? What do you envision? We leave it to you to decide.


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The Square Airdrie