In this day and age of hipster cool lumberjacks, beards and campy-woodsy culture it’s always exciting to meet guys that are here to actually look after trees, a real life team that looks after trees for a living. They are your neighbourhood tree guys. They are actually trained to put the tree first. After meeting Graham and Seth of Prairie Woodlands Tree Care we knew it would be a fun project to work on, and it didn’t disappoint.

Creating a personality fitting website with useful and practical information on what they do is always the basic goal but then creating an overall vibe that would set it a part from it’s competitors was the real treat for us. Being able to use icons, illustrations and show a bit of outgoing personality in places is the icing on the cake.

Down the road these guys want to have a library of amazing resources that people can use for their own purposes and knowledge of how to take care of their trees but meanwhile they offer a wide variety of services and a free estimate form that needed to be easy to understand, use and fill out.

Our team is happy with how it all turned out from the playful icons to giving a library of images for the sliders so that they can keep it seasonal and on point no matter what the time of year.

If you are ever looking for two guys who know their trees and what is best for them, Graham and Seth are the guys to call.


  • Website Design/Development
  • Social Media Graphics