PM Promotions

2016 Marked the end of traditional website design and 2017 has brought us into a new kind of design. Modern and contemporary, and a tad bit funky on the side. PM Promotions is a company who’s job is being the silent ambassador for brands, and making small business look big, both in personality and size. We wanted to make sure that as their web ambassadors, that their website was vibrant, interesting and completely authentic to who they are as a business. To ensure everything in the design serves a purpose and delivers a message.

Now I’m not sure where this new web design trend has been hiding but nothing packs such a punch like fun typography and big, bold and bright colours. In this case explosions of colour and super fun coding and animation elements, truly make it one of a kind.

We take pride in designing and developing websites that are current and cutting edge, this is our perspective on that through the eyes of a great local promotions company. Karen and her team were wonderful to work with have a lot of exciting ideas. Check out their new space.

On a site note, have you asked yourself recently if your website ready for 2018?

Visit their website here.

  • Website Design/Development
  • Animation Graphics