Pink Spot Studios

LIA GOLEMBA is an artist of many talents who graduated from Alberta College of Art and Design just before Suzy Rounce, one of our Switchback Owners, did wayyyyyy back in the day. After 14 years of working on their crafts independently, their paths crossed again in Airdrie, Alberta.

Working with a fellow graphic designer and artist was a great experience. Collaborating with someone who cares so deeply for the fine details and has an eye for all of that is a great thing. Lia wanted a blank canvas for her work. She needed a way to share her talents, in the many different channels she excels in, and for her website to be as equally appealing to a gallery as it is to a fashion editor.

This giant portfolio site has lots of intricacies on the back end that allow it to be searched, categorized and customized for different pieces as needed. Small delicate type and simple navigation are the definition of “the simpler the design, the more complex the work.”

Words from Lia: “I have always had the highest regard for Suzy and her work since our days together at ACAD. It was fate to reconnect all these years later in Airdrie. I truly believe in the kind of business that Switchback is building. They take the time to understand what makes people tick and how to tell your story.

Suzy and Trevor provided the ultimate sounding board for ideas and had a very thorough and organized process. I knew that the design and the development would be impeccable. And it was 🙂  So grateful to have had the opportunity to work together. You do so much for your clients and your community, happy to support such a stellar local business!”