My Myo Smiles Branding

Oral Myofunctional therapy is a real thing and a blessing for those that need it. Barbara Brown is only one of a handful of people in Canada trained in this area of expertise. We were challenged to create a logo for her that illustrated this in a subtle but very professional way. It is about training the mouth, lips, muscles and tongue to work properly. But just because it is about the mouth and lips we didn’t want to do a kissy face and call it a day.

Using a simple graphic metaphor to illustrate the connection between putting the pieces together and your mouth and smile was important. Bright uplifting colours showcase Barbara’s personality and the life she brings to her patients.

It all needed to tie together with elements and design that fit the work and the person behind My Myo Smiles. With a website coming down the line it was important to start a foundation of brand development that has legs to go far. Being a specialist in such a small, specialized sector has it’s benefits but also needs to be explained thoroughly and with care and attention so that it can reach the right people at the right time.

  • Logo Design
  • Brand Identity
  • Brand Development & Guidelines
  • Social Media Graphics
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