HootSmile Family Dentistry

HootSmile wanted to stand out and be unique in it’s own right. They wanted to showcase the idea that dentistry can be affordable and quality at the same time.

Their mission is to remove the barriers that stand in the way of families accessing consistent, quality dental care. This wise team of dental professionals wants to help educate and guide you in your oral health journey. They strive to provide excellent service that is affordable. Your family should have a reliable, fun and professional dental partner to keep you happy and healthy.

We have been working with them from the very beginning on every aspect of their branding, website development and marketing. We have created a children’s book as well so that they could teach kids in schools about Dr. Hank HootSmile and how he became a dentist. This was a first of it’s kind for us and this 14 page book has been to schools, preschools and kindergartens all over Airdrie and area. We know how much potential there is in something like this for everyone. We wrote, illustrated and printed this custom piece for HootSmile.

We are helping them do all of this in an effort to promote their mission that they believe knowing your teeth is loving your teeth. Promoting good oral health through knowledge and power is the best way to achieve that.

See their website here.