Who wouldn’t love the chance to get to work with beautiful photos of horses, fields and stables. We have known Chad Hewlett, Founder of Energy Equine since we first started our business. He is an outside of the box thinker, that has a reputation for being a master in his field of Equine Veterinary medicine. His reputation precedes him in all the right ways. Their newly built clinic, just outside of Airdrie, signalled a new era for the team and the amount of work they were able to take on at any given time. It was time for their website to match their quality and reputation.

It was an interesting website to build starting with the information architecture and trying to think ahead of how the website content could expand over time. Case studies may not be complete yet, they are a work in progress, but over time they will be a key piece of showing the behind the scenes in-depth work that Energy Equine does with their clients. Take a look and see how any company that wants to stand out can benefit from a website that explodes with their personality and performance.

  • Website Design/Development