Canmore Folk Music Festival

When Switchback Creative was approached to pitch on the Folk Music Festival rebranding and marketing partnership, we wanted to first understand the full purpose of the rebranding. We knew that with this understanding, we could then use our experience with small towns and entrepreneurs and apply these exciting ideas to the festival.

It was all about bringing the unique atmosphere and environment to new and long-time fans. Through the power of the scenery, mixed with the tone of the folk music, each August long weekend Canmore is filled with both magic and whimsy. It is this unique experience of newly discovered music with a beautiful mountain backdrop that sets it apart from other festival experiences.

What an amazing experience working with Switchback Creative to update the look and feel of the website. Trevor and Suzy were both so engaged at trying to capture a piece of the festival with the logo and site. – Ken Pillipow, General Manager

Above all else, the functionality of the website was the most crucial. Of course it is also the most visible channel for viewing the new branding efforts. But more important than that, the website needed to be easy to navigate for the fans, volunteers and sponsors. It needed to show all that was offered at the festival, in easy to digest chunks, and be straight forward for the festival team to update as news and lineups are announced. This primary hub for the festival will be a critical channel for interacting with fans and all those who want to get involved.

Representing it with pride and personality is the only way to do justice to all those who love the festival so much and for those new fans who will experience it for the first time this August.

Visit the Website Here.

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