BL Fitness Coaching

Beckie Lower of BL Fitness Coaching was seeking a more personal way to connect with her audience. Beckie’s philosophy is all about taking care of the mind and body—not just the body. BL Fitness Coaching offers fitness assessments, training and coaching, but Beckie wanted to connect with people more informally. We recommended a closed Facebook group, and developed a content strategy and editorial calendar for the group.

Beckie’s goal for the Facebook group was to be a resource, listen and help her audience address questions and challenges around wellness and fitness. The group would encourage two-way conversation and allow Beckie’s audience to get to know her better. She wanted people to feel comfortable in an environment of no intimidation or judgement. Beckie takes a compassionate, results-oriented approach to her work and wanted that to show through.

In the three weeks since its launch, the BL Fitness Coaching Facebook group already has 70 members. The variety of video content, articles, resources, tips and just-plain-fun content has been successful at engaging members and giving them valuable information.


 “As a new entrepreneur I understood the need for a strong brand. Your brand speaks for you and it is important to have your brand represent who you are and what your values are. I knew how I wanted to represent myself, I struggled with what that should look like visually. I was introduced to Suzy, with Creative Switchback, during a seminar she was speaking at about branding and creating a solid tag lines, mantras, mission and vision statements. Her passion and enthusiasm was infectious. I knew during her seminar that she was someone I wanted to work with.

I was in the process of growing my business and I was in need of new print media, I also wanted to give some social media marketing a try as well. Suzy and her team were amazing to work with right from the start, very open and honest. Their communication with me was clear and concise which is exactly what I needed to move forward. I had a vision for my print media and together we collectively came up with a strong look. I really appreciated that they took into consideration all of my input and the outcome of my print media is top notch. The social media marketing plan is currently in progress, the support and planning they have done to set me up for success is very much appreciated. I am already seeing success after a short 6 weeks.

When working with Suzy and her team, you truly get the feeling that you are a part of Creative Switchback. It is clear, their goal is to give you the best product possible and they understand your success is their success! As I continue to grow my business, I am looking forward to future projects with Creative Switchback.” – BECKIE LOWER

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