Ascension Float Airdrie

Learning about new businesses and products we have never even heard of before is always a great part of our work. Floating was one of those things…


The goal of Floatation Therapy is to eliminate all sensory input including gravity to encourage rest, recovery, stress relief, pain management, introspection, creativity and overall wellbeing.

Rian and Harley, the great guys behind Ascension Float, know their stuff and are super passionate about what they are doing and Airdrie is lucky to have them initiate them into the floating realm.

When they explained their business and model and asked if we would help them kick off with branding and logo identity for them as well as complete their first website, we were thrilled. Probably more than any client previous they had a book of information they wanted to portray on the site. We had to ensure that everything was in line for them, interesting to read for the customer and thorough enough for the guys.

The result is a website that feels like you are floating through great information and you are able to dig as deep as you want or stay as surface as you need. Ascension Float is a place where newbies to the service will discover a world of inner peace and health¬†they never knew. Veterans will continue their practice where they live and dig deeper. We are proud to be part of the journey and can’t wait for our first float with them early 2017.

Visit their website. 

Good words. Good people.

“We really enjoyed working with the entire Switchback team creating our website and branding! Not only was the process straightforward and efficient, but the end product turned out awesome! We are really excited to be able to share our website with others. Thanks yall!” – Rian Levick, Ascension Float, Co-Founder

  • Logo Design
  • Brand Identity
  • Brand Development & Guidelines
  • Website Design/Development
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