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What I learned from my dog

It’s the end of January and they say this is usually when everyone falls off their resolutions, gets their visa bills and overall feels down in the dumps. Don’t fall into that ‘poor me’ trap. The message I keep hearing over and over again is that our mind controls everything else in our life: body, health, mood, luck and drive. If we let those negative thoughts run our mind they will run wild.

How to Harness Marketing Opportunities & Trends

Great marketing is a mix of solid, proactive strategy and some time to simply react.

We talk more in this blog post about why you should plan ahead, but here we’ll specifically address why, when and how you should make room for trends and opportunities in your marketing.

Why your SEO strategy should go beyond keywords

We always tell our clients, search engine optimization (SEO) is not about just getting one thing right—it’s about 200 different little things done right.

What metrics can tell you, and how to make sense of it

If you’re not already using metrics to benchmark, set goals and evaluate, it’s crucial (and insightful) to make this a focus of your marketing plan. With so much of business marketing being done digitally now, it’s easier than ever to track and evaluate metrics.

What do wineries and marketing both fight for?

After just returning from a little trip to Naramata Bench wineries at the beginning of October I realized a bunch of things… Wineries are the perfect microcosm for brands in a 5 minute package. On the winery bench just north of Penticton, BC there are 42 wineries all vying for your attention and therefore your dollars.

Marketing Demystified

How a marketing partner can save you time & money: You can stop trying to be ‘the handyman’. Everyone’s business involves trying to explain to potential customers why they shouldn’t attempt to ‘DIY’ something that you have built an entire business around.

Marketing rules you should break!

Ditch the old way of thinking and bring in the new age with these three rules that you should break with your marketing this summer.

Call for Videographers

Switchback Creative has a fun video project opportunity for one of our awesome Airdrie clients.

Community and Connection

Everyone talks about how connection with the world and community around you matters and everyone says why it is good for business. But there is so much more to it than that! Community gives you a sense of purpose and altruism that doesn’t come from passion, hobbies or love alone.

The Pink Wand Cleaning Services

There is something super fun about finding a way to give the right personality and tone to a business when we first start working with them.